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Navigating in Maputo, with or without a street plan, is difficult for only a few of the streets are marked. The best day to be in Maputo is on Saturday, when the market is open in the park off Av. 25 de Septembro. Genuine bargains can be found here. Other items of interest are also located in this part of town, including the Victorian-style railway station, built by an architect of the Eiffel school, after the designer of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Many buildings in Maputo illustrate the charm of the late 19th century. The oldest noteworthy building is the red brick fort, which you will have ample opportunity to see should you need to have vehicle papers sorted out. 

Driving in Maputo is sometimes nerve-wracking. Traffic lights, when present, are not located on the opposite side of the intersection as one would expect. They are planted next to the point where you are required to stop before entering the intersection. This can be confusing. There are few stop streets and the traffic just seems to move on regardless. The city’s showpiece, the Hotel Polana designed by Sir Herbert Baker, has recently been refurbished and lies off the northern coastal road to the Costa do Sol.

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